Are you ready to be part of changing way we support children within the education setting? Do you want to know how you can support neurodiverse learners and create affirming environments?

This webinar is designed to give you an introduction to a very deep and diverse topic that is neurodiversity affirming practice. With more and more evidence coming to the surface to support this approach, now is the time to step into the affirming space!


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An outline of neurodiversity and the difference in terms used.


Learn about the sensory systems, why students need to be regulated to learn, and how you can be inclusive of all students' sensory needs.

Practical strategies that you can try straight away within the school environment, to support all children.

If you are a teacher, allied health professional, teaching assistant, leadership team member, pre-service teacher, or even a parent wanting to advocate for your child, this is a great practical place to start to create inclusivity for all!


40-minute webinar content

 "Sensory Friendly Classrooms" PDF handout filled with practical strategies to try.

Copy of slides from webinar.

Available on demand for 12 months from time of purchase.

Become a neurodiversity affirming ally today!

"When we know better, we do better"

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About me:

I'm Steph, multiply-neurodivergent Occupational Therapist.

I am passionate about neurodivergent affirming practice and facilitating a shift in how we view neurodiversity.

I have nearly a decade of clinical and research experience, 12 years of parenting experience, and 34 years of lived experience. I use a combination of these to support empowerment and reflection for people like you, who care for and support neurodivergent children.

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