Is the child you care for dysregulated, distressed, or demonstrating challenging behaviours? 

Do you want to find a better way to support them? Then this is for you!

With a relationships-based approach, everyone benefits!

I can show you how.


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What you will learn:

Understand Neurodivergent Children's Behaviours 

Understand what behaviours really are, their function, and how important these adaptive responses are to keep the body safe!

How to Respond

Understand how you can respond to others in a curious and empathetic way with a trauma informed and neurodivergent affirming lens.

Prioritise Connection

Understand how you can make connection the priority and facilitate changes in behaviour. This mindset shift doesn't have to be hard, but the impact can be massive!

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Who's this for:

Parents who have neurodivergent children


Teachers who educate neurodivergent children


Therapists who support neurodivergent children


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This deep dive is perfect for anyone who supports or has children who experience challenging behaviours.
Dysregulation may lead people to exhibit behaviours that are worrying or often referred to as "behaviours of concern".
You may feel you have tried everything and nothing seems to be changing...
In this webinar I explain the importance of getting back to basics and using a relationships-based approach to regulation. I will also guide you to explore your own experiences and apply understandings to facilitate your own healing. 
There is hope for a more peaceful future!

What you will get when you register

This 50 minute webinar is available on demand for 12 months from the date of purchase.

You will also receive a PDF of the presentation slides and a PDF hand out of key take aways and strategies.

$88 to change the lives of children for the better!

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About me:

I'm Steph, multiply-neurodivergent Occupational Therapist.

I am passionate about neurodivergent affirming practice and facilitating a shift in how we view neurodiversity.

I have nearly a decade of clinical and research experience, 12 years of parenting experience, and 34 years of lived experience. I use a combination of these to support empowerment and reflection for people like you, who care for and support neurodivergent children.

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